Security Policy

Your business is important to us and we take your online security seriously when you visit our site. For specific information about how highly we regard your personal privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

Credit Card Handling

Your credit card details are never recorded by our system. When you place an order with us, we use the eWay online payment gateway over an encrypted network connection to process credit card orders. Your credit card details are supplied directly to the payment gateway, which in turn processes the transaction on our behalf. If you choose to use PayPal to pay for your order, your credit card details will similarly be handled by the PayPal system. Your credit card will be charged only once, in Australian dollars, for the total value of your transaction including taxes (GST) and shipping (when applicable). We do not offer recurrent billing.

Connection Security

Every time you interact with our web site you do so through an encrypted network connection to safeguard your information and ensure the integrity of your transaction by knowing we are who we say we are. This means whenever you submit an order containing your name, email address, phone number, and address, your private details won’t be intercepted or tampered with between your web browser and our servers. Also, when you log in to our web site, your username and password are transmitted securely to us. Our web site has been verified by a third-party “certificate authority”, which confirms our identity and allows you to place your full trust in our web site and in us.

At any time, you can confirm who we are and ensure your privacy by viewing our SSL certificate. You can also check your browser’s address bar to ensure the pages you’re viewing are being delivered using the HTTPS protocol (the address will start with https:// instead of http://).

The personal and order information we do record to fulfill your order is stored securely online as part of our web site infrastructure. Access to this environment is tightly controlled with only a small number of sales and technical support staff—employed directly by us and our web host—having access to this data. Your user name and password are also stored in our system and we recommend you use a unique password, at least, which is specific to our web site. You also have the option to change your password at whatever interval works best for you. Where possible, we will endeavour to allow you to log in to our web site using third-party authentication systems like Facebook, Google, and PayPal.


We don’t use JavaScript for malicious purposes or to annoy you. Like many web sites on the internet today, our web site uses JavaScript to augment the HTML content we serve you and enhance your experience while interacting with our site. JavaScript is a core dependency of the platform we use to deliver our web site. If the web site is not behaving as you expect it to behave, you may need to configure your web browser to allow JavaScript to run.


We don’t explicitly use cookies but the software platforms on which our site is constructed may use cookies to enhance your web site experience. We may also use cookies to measure anonymous data about your visit. If the web site is not behaving as you expect it to behave, you may need to configure your web browser to accept cookies.


We endeavour to make our web site available to you as often as possible and as efficiently as possible. The site may, however, be periodically unavailable, without prior notice, for maintenance activity and for other reasons beyond our control. If our web site is down we’ll typically know about it and be working hard to get it back online to serve our customers.

The web site and its content will be maintained for as long as it is practical for us to do so but we offer no guarantees regarding the longevity, format, and utility of the site and its content, including user-generated content.

Note our factory operates during regular business days through daytime hours. If you need to place a time-sensitive order, you may wish to contact us for additional assistance.

Have a Question?

If you have a specific question or concern about how we handle your online security, please feel free to contact us.