Privacy Policy

As part of the online ordering process we record critical information about you to fulfill your order efficiently and to the highest standard. The information we record is the information you supply to us when placing an order, including but not limited to details like your name, email address, phone number, address, etc. Because our web site is delivered to you over a secure network connection, the integrity of your personal information is assured. At no point do we record your credit card details. Please see our Security Policy for detailed information.


Please see our Security Policy for information about how we use cookies on our site.

Email Address and Personal Information

Your email address and other personal information like your name, telephone number, and address will never be sold, redistributed, or abused by us. We request this information for the primary purpose of being able to contact you while processing your order and to ship/deliver your order. While your order is being processed you will receive status emails from us; these emails are generated automatically by our system as a convenience to you. We like to keep our customers informed about our new products and specials. We may periodically send you promotional materials (typically via email) but we’ll do so sparingly and respectfully when you’ve chosen to hear from us (opted in). These emails include an option to unsubscribe or opt-out from receiving further emails of a similar nature from us.

Abandoned Carts

If you log in to our site, start an order, but do not check out we may send you discreet email reminder(s) in case you meant to checkout but forgot to do so.


In order to maintain the availability and quality of our web site, we log traffic accessing our site. This may include your computer’s/router’s IP address and other metadata like the date and time when you accessed specific pages. These logs are maintained purely for technical reasons and, in general, cannot be used to identify you personally by us. We do not log the content of your visit and record only your order details, should you decide to place an order with us.


To improve the design, functionality, and quality of our web site we use commercial web site analytics (metrics) packages to aggregate anonymous information about our web site visitors. This software may use cookies to measure how visitors interact with the pages on our web site. The data collected cannot identify you personally and is generally reviewed in aggregate to identify trends and spot issues before they become widespread.

Comments, Reviews, Ratings, Enquiries, & Social Media

The comments, product reviews and ratings, enquiries, and quotation requests you submit through our web site remain our property and we may moderate this content. Content posted to our social media channels may also be moderated.

Have a Question?

If you have a specific question or concern about how we handle your private information, please feel free to contact us.